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Today, Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie held a meeting and a working lunch with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and State Counsellor of the People's Republic of China, Wang Yi, who is visiting Argentina in order to participate in the G20 Foreign Ministers' Meeting, held on 20-21 May at the Palacio San Martín.

In connection with the FIFA World Cup 2018, to be held from 14 June to 15 July in the Russian Federation, the Argentine Foreign Ministry wishes to offer advice on the most important matters to be taken into consideration by Argentine nationals travelling for this major sports event.
The first part of this report lists the most important recommendations as regards preparations for the trip to Russia, as well as advice on what to do upon arrival. The second part of this report offers more information on each item.

Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie today encouraged "the strengthening of scientific activity in Antarctica within a framework of peace and cooperation, with a view to preserving its environment, especially for future generations," as he opened the 41st Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting today at the Palacio San Martín. The meeting, chaired by the Undersecretary for the Malvinas, Antarctica and South Atlantic, Ambassador María Teresa Kralikas, will be attended by delegations from 53 countries and over a dozen experts and international organizations. During the opening session, Ms. Ségolène Royal, the French Ambassador for the Arctic and Antarctic Poles, addressed the impact of climate change on Antarctica.
Today, Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie received the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, with whom he discussed the upcoming OAS Assembly, to be held in Washington, as well as the crisis in Venezuela.

In accordance with the Lima Declaration of Heads of State, signed on 14 April 2018, the ministers and representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Finance of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Saint Lucia, with the participation of Spain, as well as of the U.S. Secretary of State and senior U.S. Department of Treasury officials by video conference, held a meeting in order to address the situation in Venezuela and the escalation of the political, economic, social and humanitarian crisis in that country.



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Faurie opened 41st Antartic Treaty Consultive Meeting
Foreign Minister Faurie with the Secretary-General of the

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