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United Arab Emirates opens up its market to Argentine pork

Thursday 1 April 2021
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The United Arab Emirates has approved the veterinary certificate that will allow Argentine producers to export chilled and frozen pork. This opens a new market and export opportunities for Argentina. In 2020, our country exported 25,877 tonnes of pork globally for a total of USD 55.88 million.

The efforts to open up this market arose out of a request by exporters to the Foreign Ministry headed by Felipe Solá, who started working with the Argentine Service of Agri-food Health and Quality (SENASA) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries for the United Arab Emirates to approve the sanitary certificate for the export of chilled and frozen pork. This decision, which was officially announced by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment of the UAE, is vital to boost trade exchange between both countries.

In 2020, Argentina exported 25,877 tonnes of pork globally for a total of USD 55.88 million, up 96% from 2019, making pork a thriving export product. UAE pork imports amounted to USD 37.3 million in 2019.

Although the consumption of pork and pork by-products is forbidden by the Muslim religion, the United Arab Emirates allows pork to be imported for sale and consumption by foreigners residing in the country. This trade exchange requires sanitary certification but no Halal certification.

The United Arab Emirates is the eighth largest destination for Argentine exports in Asia. In 2019, exports to that country amounted to USD 453 million and imports to USD 186.1 million, producing a trade surplus of USD 267.6 million. In 2020 exports increased to USD 541.6 million and imports totalled USD 91.5 million, generating a trade surplus of 450.1%. These statistics show that, despite the pandemic, Argentine exports increased by 20%.

In order to continue boosting trade exchanges with the United Arab Emirates, Secretary for International Economic Relations Jorge Neme is planning to conduct a trade mission with Argentine businesspeople.