About the Meeting of the International Mechanisms for Humanitarian Assistance (MIAH)

The Meeting of the International Mechanisms for Humanitarian Assistance (MIAH) emerged as an initiative driven by OCHA Regional Office. The main objective is to strengthen partnerships among humanitarian stakeholders, as well as disseminate the mission, objectives and tools that OCHA makes available to States to improve the management of humanitarian assistance.

The First MIAH was born as an initiative of the Governments of Mexico and Canada. In this first meeting, governmental and non-governmental experts participated with their knowledge on issues related to natural disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean, since our region is the second most affected in the world.


To be recognized as a regional space that promotes coordinated, integrated and effective humanitarian action, led by states in Latin America and the Caribbean with the support of other humanitarian actors and affected communities by respecting their dignity.


"To be the regional space for dialogue on humanitarian action by promoting humanitarian principles and strengthening alliances".

Strategic Objectives

  • Exchanging humanitarian experiences in the region to strengthen knowledge and add value to joint planning.
  • Strengthen alliances that facilitate humanitarian access to affected populations, as well as their participation in planning and decision-making.