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Second International Conference on Safe Schools

The Second International Conference on Safe Schools will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 28 to 29 March 2017 and will be the first international meeting on the subject since the adoption of the Declaration on Safe Schools and the Guidelines for the Prevention of Military Use of Schools and Universities During Armed Conflict at the First International Conference on Safe Schools in Oslo in May 2015.

The Safe Schools Declaration is an inter-governmental commitment to protect students, teachers, schools, and universities during armed conflicts. The Declaration was conceived through a consultative process led by Norway and Argentina, and was opened for endorsement at the First International Conference on Safe Schools held in Oslo, Norway, on 29 May 2015.

States that subscribe to the Declaration make a commitment that includes: improving reporting on attacks on education; investigate and prosecute possible war crimes involving schools; and quickly restore access to education when schools are attacked.

The endorsed countries also commit to the Guidelines for Preventing the Military Use of Schools and Universities During Armed Conflict, a non-binding practical tool that provides guidance to help parties to a conflict limit their actions with respect to the military use of schools and Universities, thus helping to safeguard the civil character of these facilities.

Since 2005, armed forces and armed groups have used schools and universities for military purposes, such as bases, barracks, firing positions, weapons depots and detention centers in at least 26 countries affected by armed conflict around the world. By turning schools into military objectives, the safety of students and teachers is put at risk and restrict access to education.

The Second Conference will be a key global moment to refocus attention on the issue of attacks on education, and also provides an opportunity to review progress since the Declaration was adopted, share examples of good practice at the national level, and prepare for work ahead on this issue to ensure effective implementation of the commitments contained in the Declaration.

Sponsorship Programme

A limited sponsorship programme is available for countries listed by OECD DAC as ODA recipient. For more information and application, please contact UNDP in Geneva - Ms. Simona Chladkova at simona.chladkova@undp.org. Please note that requests for sponsorship must be submitted no later than 1 March 2017.

Second International Conference on Safe Schools
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 28-29 March 2017
Information note for sponsored participants

The Second International Conference on Safe Schools will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 28-29 March 2017. With the support of the Government of Norway, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has established a Sponsorship Programme to facilitate the participation of delegates from eligible countries. The UNDP Sponsorship Programme will cover the travel, accommodation, terminal expenses, and travel insurance.


All countries listed by OECD DAC as ODA recipient on their latest list are eligible to apply. The Sponsorship Programme will cover one sponsored delegate per eligible country.


All sponsored delegates should register:

  1.  the complete delegation via a Note Verbale by post to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Esmeralda 1212, C1007ABR-CABA, Republica Argentina. The note can also be sent by e-mail to: 2safeschools@mrecic.gov.ar
  2. by submitting a request for sponsorship via a Note Verbale signed by the relevant government institution confirming the name, title and contact of the delegate nominated for sponsorship as per the indicated eligibility criteria. The Note Verbale should be sent to: simona.chladkova@undp.org by 1 March 2017.


All sponsored delegates are personally responsible for obtaining valid visa for Argentina and any other transit visa that may be applicable due to the flight itinerary.
UNDP will provide visa facilitation letters upon a request.


UNDP will initiate all the necessary arrangements for the sponsored delegate’s travel to Buenos Aires upon the receipt of the Note Verbale specifying the request and nomination for sponsorship. Please note that sponsored delegates are expected to arrive on 27 March, and depart on 30 March 2017 the latest.
In accordance with UNDP sponsorship programme rules:

  • Flight ticket: the most economic and direct route (home country/Buenos Aires/home country). Any changes (longer stay or different routing) must be done by the delegate him/herself and at his/her own expense and undertaking.
  • Accommodation: UNDP will provide accommodation inclusive of breakfast in Buenos Aires. Therefore, reduced per diem will be provided for the duration of the conference. UNDP in Geneva will inform the delegates regarding the accommodation details in due time. Please note that UNDP will not cover costs for extra services such as telephone, Wi-Fi services, minibar, laundry, taxis, etc.
  • Insurance: travel insurance will be issued for sponsored delegates for the duration of the conference (Thus, there will be no travel insurance reimbursements to delegates on privately purchased insurance).
  • Terminal allowances: the applicable allowance in the home country and in Buenos Aires if transport not provided.

The conference venue is:
Day 1: Ministerio de Defensa, Azopardo 250, C1107ADB – CABA Republica Argentina
Day 2: Palacio San Martin, Arenales 761, C1061AAA – CABA, Republica Argentina


If you have any questions or concerns related to the sponsorship programme and travel arrangements of sponsored delegates, please contact - Ms. Simona Chladkova simona.chladkova@undp.org, at UNDP in Geneva, tel. 0041 22 917 8352.


UNDP is not in the position to undertake re-bookings or purchasing a new air tickets due to visa issues or travel interruptions that were not brought to the attention of UNDP by the sponsored delegate while confirming the travel itinerary and before the issuance of the air ticket.